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Thursday, November 1, 2007

BYOP - Designers Wanted!

Our Terrain Parks survey at the end of last winter season generated the fastest and largest response of any winter survey we’ve ever done. We could not have asked for better, more honest, open or constructive feedback.

In fact, you gave us so many ideas and so much input that we decided to do something completely different this winter: let you build the parks. I mean, why not, right? You ride it, you know it, and if you build it, chances are it’s going to be exactly what you want.

From that same survey we learned that the majority of you want to be more involved with the park design process as well as want a reliable feedback system. These will be the two main goals behind the BYOP program.

Through a series of surveys and update videos on our YouTube channel, we’ll not only build what you ask for, but we’ll show you the progress, challenges and successes behind the Grouse Mountain Parks.

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