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Monday, January 14, 2008

Members Stay Motivated

As the decadence of the holiday season recedes in our memories and retailers replace Christmas Gift Ideas with Valentine's Romance Packages, the stark reality of our augmented consumption lingers on. In many cases, our bathroom mirrors unforgivingly reflect this reality every morning, prompting us to undertake radical fitness regimens that are doomed from the outset. Some statisticians estimate the New Year's resolution failure rate to be as high as 95%. Why so high?

One answer is lack of concrete objectives. Why are we in the gym at 6:30 am, hardwired to our iPods and counting down the seconds of our requisite 20-minute treadmill labour? For many, the reasons are nebulous, pointing to little more than the widely accepted hysteria surrounding "better living" in the New year. If the outcome of the regimen is unclear, and the anticipated reward undefined, the motivation quickly wanes.

It is for this reason that Grouse Mountain invented the Membership. Fitness is not a time-of-year initiative, but an on-going way of life. We know, we know, this whole "way of life" thing seems like such a major shift and commitment. Take our word for it, it doesn't have to be. Start small. Try a 15 minute hike through the forest on a pair of snowshoes. Maybe you'll spot an owl. Take a crisp, deep breath of mountain air. You'll feel better already.

From there, attempt a longer trail, maybe one with a bit of a climb. Again, your motivation is nothing more than a pleasant respite from the grind of city living. And what's 30 minutes, anyway? Another re-run during the writer's strike? Before you know it, you'll anticipate these hikes and will wonder what's up over that next bend on the way to Dam Mountain. We can describe the view to you, waxing poetic about panoramic vistas as far as the eye can see, but we'd rather you experienced it for yourself.

A Grouse Mountain Membership is your access tool to all this terrain and other cool winter stuff like ice skating, special rates for your friends and family, and deals on the gear you'll want as your fitness level increases. For $89.95, you can travel the Skyride as many times as you want for a whole year. And who knows, by the time spring rolls around, your winter workouts might have put you in a position to tackle that other trail you've been meaning to try: The Grouse Grind.

Hopefully with some concrete goals and a stunning outdoor setting you will be inclined to shift your fitness ambition from an ill-fated New Year's resolution to the timeless exploration of a backyard playground.

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