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Friday, May 23, 2008

Air Grouse mountain ziplines come to Vancouver in June 2008

Phase ONE is here! Gravity has been officially defied.

We are super excited to announce Phase ONE of Vancouver’s newest and most adrenaline-pumping adventure: Mountain Ziplining!

The Air Grouse experience puts you high above the alpine rainforest, careening through the air at speeds of more than 50 km/hour. Your 3-line adventure circuit will give you a unique perspective on the Blue Grouse Lake region of the mountain, combining heart pounding thrills with an exploration of BC’s breathtaking old-growth forests. Along the way you will learn about indigenous flora and fauna and its significance to First Nations people. Your aerial journey will culminate in a visit with our two orphaned grizzly bears.

And that is just phase ONE! ... there's more:

Phase TWO of the Air Grouse Mountain Zipline experience is coming in the Fall of 2008. This will be the most jaw-dropping, teeth-chattering zipline experience on the continent! There will be a special offer for Phase ONE participants, so be sure to get in on the action.

Phase ONE Mountain Zipline Details:
Times: Daily, 10am to 7pm
Cost: $70 (includes Skyride & Zip circuit) or $40 for Grouse Mountain Members
Approximate duration of tour: 1 hour.

Book today by calling 604.980.9311.

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