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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wind Turbine viewPod arrives at Grouse Mountain

All the sections of the innovative wind turbine observation pod, or viewPod, arrived in North Vancouver from their origin in France, and the parts were driven to the summit this morning. The viewPod will be able to hold a capacity of up to 36 people, and is composed of structural steel and glass. With a diameter of seven metres and standing more than five metres in height, the 15-ton structure was designed and fabricated by Sigma Composite. The viewPod was transported in sections via ship to Montreal, followed by truck transport to North Vancouver. The viewPod is a unique engineering marvel that will, as an integral piece of the finished structure, serve to inspire, educate and exhilarate anyone who sees it. Once all the respective parts come together, the viewPod will undoubtedly provide an exciting and powerful visitor experience.

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