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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bears ready for hibernation!

Grinder and Coola are now inhabiting their hibernation habitat around their bear den. Both bears are super plump and have put on more weight than in previous years - maybe this is a sign of a long and cold winter to come?

They are spending their days laying around with the occasional foray to eat, although food is being left behind each day which is a sign that the bears are happy with their weight and feel prepared for the upcoming winter.

Yesterday we provided them with a huge mound of Silver-fir branches which they will drag into their sleeping quarters and use to create a mattress of branches for their long winter sleeps. As of this morning they have not begun to create a bed but it shouldn't be far off as we received a few inches of fresh snow today.

After we've received our first significant snow fall we will cut off food and this lack of food, combined with short days and cold, snowy, weather will trigger hibernation.

Here are a few shots of Grinder lounging around the hibernation habitat!

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