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Monday, October 6, 2008

Sign up for Mobile Updates

We're super excited to announce our new mobile subscription options to keep you informed this winter. Sign up for one of our subscriptions or just use our Mobile Snow Report when you need information on the fly.

Big Snowfall Alerts
Text SNOWALERT to 333777 and we'll let you know when we've received more than 10cm of new snow overnight.

Special Deals and Offers
Text GROUSEDEALS to 333777 and we'll send you info about great deals and special offers.

Mobile Snow Reports
Text GROUSEREPORT to 333777 and we'll send you a quick snapshot of the day's weather, conditions and runs open. No commitment required.

There is no cost to any of this except standard text messaging rates from your mobile provider. You can unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP to 333777. Subscriptions may include up to 10 messages per month.


Loki117 said...

Guys is there any intention to allow a longnumber subscription for this? I would like to sign up but i'm not in CA yet so short codes dont work for me.

grousemountain said...

Hi Loki117, thanks for your comment. We did consider long codes, but they are much slower in sending out messages, so sending information in a timely way becomes much more difficult. Having said that, we're open to change. If there's a significant need for a long code, we can revisit implementing one.