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Monday, October 6, 2008

UnderGrouse: Photos of Life in North Van

The Presentation House Gallery in North Vancouver is running a super cool contest through the month of October called UnderGrouse: Photos of Life in North Van, which encourages North Shore teens (13-18) to pursue a deeper interest in photography by submitting a series of three photos following the theme.

Together the photos should relate to each other in a way that creates or implies some kind of narrative. Put some thought into it! Be creative! Is there an aspect of North Vancouver that you feel is worth photographing? This is your opportunity to show us more than just a pretty picture, so give us something to think about.

Now, there’s even $1,000 cash on the line plus some other great prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. So check it out, invite your friends, and get out there! The deadline for submission is October 31st.

The Presentation House Gallery is located at 333 Chesterfield Avenue, on the corner of Chesterfield and West 3rd Street.


Anonymous said...

When will the winners be chosen?

grousemountain said...

Here's the info from Presentation House Gallery. Sounds like they will be in touch with each entrant to provide feedback.