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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Early snowfall appears at the Peak of Vancouver

Fall weather at Grouse Mountain bodes well for coming winter

Snow graced the peak of Grouse Mountain today, signaling the coming winter in Vancouver may bring another robust season of flurries. The heavy rainfall this afternoon temporarily turned to snowfall at the highest altitude of the resort, and came as a pleasant surprise to onlookers.

Snow enthusiasts will soon be able to swap their sunglasses for goggles at Grouse Mountain as the city begins to look ahead to an exciting winter season. The brief arrival of snow and significant drop in temperature come at a time when Grouse Mountain is readying for the spectacular annual Peak of Christmas festivities, and anticipating guests from around the world during the Winter Olympic Games.

Grouse Mountain is committed to continuously adding value to the alpine experience for its loyal guests, as well as enhance the experience with even more activities including ziplining (now available year-round) and 24/7 operations during the Olympics. We look forward to the next snowfall and another excellent winter season!

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